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“Dear Ivana, I have just read your book “How to Love Life”. Your book is the most beautiful thing that I have had the good fortune of holding in my hands. Beautiful!!!! I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart, and I truly wish for you to continue living the spirit of the Camino and feed us with such and similar positive stories. Good luck in your further endeavours ♡”
“Dear Ivana, congratulations from the bottom of my heart. You have written a wonderful book, such a title is nowhere to be found, as well as the content 🙂 I am certain that your book will entice many lives to walk the way of joy and light! You are helping people, and that is wonderful! I am celebrating with you 🙂 Best regards.”
I congratulate you once again on the book that won me over from the very first pages. I have read a lot of books about the Camino as each of them brings me a bit closer to my Way, which shall surely come, as soon as the circumstances allow it. I have heard about you only recently and started following what and how you work, and in the flood of “gurus” I can feel your honesty, authenticity, and that you give yourself completely, without holding back. You transferred your feelings, emotions, experiences on paper so easily, and still, you linked them with positive psychology so deeply, realistically, with ease. It is clear that positive psychology is your calling and passion, and that you enjoy it. The book is so good, and it touched me so deeply because I really felt that you have given yourself and bared yourself completely, and that is not something you can fake! I find your positive attitude and sense of humour in some situations really amazing! Because it is so easy to whine. One should find the good and positive in not so great situations. All in all, the book is an excellent manual for all who want to grow, whether they are interested in the Camino or not. You have given out a bunch of useful and practical tools, and it is up to us to try them out and use them.”
“Dear Ivana, I have just finished reading your book. Beautifully written. Well done! I walked the Camino in the summer of 2019, and your blog and the lecture at Bogdan Ogrizović library helped me a lot while packing. I am certain that we will see each other at one of your training programmes.”
“I have never thought that this book, which I got as a present for Christmas, would calm me down so much right now. We are all distraught, in fear, shocked and scared. It would be difficult to find inner peace at such times, but each of us can find a way to get away from sad and traumatic topics at least for a while. I read a quote the other day: “Breathe. Hug a person next to you. Drink hot tea. Hug your pet. Inhale the fresh air. Call a person you love. Read a book.” That is exactly what I practice these days – and it really does help. 🙂 Give it a go too. And this encouraging book has certainly helped. Well done, Ivana. And not a moment too soon! 🙏🏻 Love your life because you never know what it brings.”
“Simple, fun, easy-to-read, and full of beautiful ideas that can be implemented into our daily lives, suggestions for a bit happier life. But again, it has layers, it is complex, it makes you think about yourself (if you are ready to recognize yourself in the descriptions) and reminds us of so many situations that most of us, if not all, have found ourselves in at some point in life. Whether we read it as a travel book, memoirs, a self-help book, a guide for a pilgrimage lasting several weeks, or for pastime, there is something for everyone. Thank you for sharing your and other people’s intimate life stories throughout this book. And thank you for the tips & tricks from positive psychology. Very appropriate for this year. :)”
“It brightened my days while recovering from covid-19 infection. Even though I was home, I wondered far away, walking to Santiago with you, which is calling onto me as a spiritual path/a way of turning to myself. In any case, this was mostly cheerful, easy-to-read book, but still deep and honest, pulling at the reader’s sleeve to get them on the way and continue with personal development with even more vigour. Thank you, and good luck in your future endeavours and spreading positive vibes. This year really needs such a smile and positive disposition in the media more often. It is beautiful to feel your enthusiasm with which you accompany your book to the readers and the continuation of its journey through all of us.”
“Dear Ivana, I bought my husband your book for Christmas “by chance”, with the wish to widen his horizons a little, and I have read it. In the beginning, I was not in a very cheerful mood, so it seem a bit too “pink” for my taste. Still, I continued reading. And then… Well, thank you, Ivana! I am never on a first name basis with unknown people, so I apologise if I have shown disrespect by it. That is the last thing on my mind. Still, by travelling with you, I felt as if we got to know each other, and as if we were close?! It is not that we are all that similar, at least not at first glance. Still, I felt the need to contact you and tell you that I am happy to share a city with such a nice and kind person like you! Perhaps it is because we share some similar values and thoughts, or because you opened up so much that I have read it as: “Do come in”, or perhaps that is how I interpreted it. Anyway… I wish you loads of good fortune and happiness, and I want you to know that you made me happy!”

“Let every dawn of morning be to you as the beginning of life, and every setting sun be to you as its close.” 

John Ruskin

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