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Business Consulting serves to provide clients with customized advice that will bring the most tangible results.

Professional guidance

Would you like to know how applying positive psychology principles might help you run your business or complete a challenging project more successfully? 

About Consulting

Regardless of whether you run a company (in any industry), or manage a sales, IT, finance, marketing or other projects, knowledge from positive psychology can lead you steadily and securely towards achieving your goals and success in business.

It is especially important in these challenging times to know how to hold your ground and help yourself and your employees to deal with the situation more easily. 

The services include the following activities:

– consulting on how to help employees overcome this period and uncertainty more easily, and how to participate actively in creating new business models and strategies

wellbeing strategy consulting

– developing better relations in teams

– (re)defining the mission and vision

– business planning

– organizational development

– more successful change management 

All of the above includes knowledge from positive psychology and the Appreciative Inquiry method.


Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Who the services are intended for: 

Together with you, we are developing a strategy that brings short-term victories and long-term results, to the satisfaction of both the staff and the management. 

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

More about the approach

In consulting, I use the experience I have acquired during the 12 years of working in the corporate world, and 6 years of being an entrepreneur with different clients from various sectors, as well as my knowledge from positive psychology. My previous work experience includes multinational companies from the fields of telecommunications (OmanTel), insurance (Generali), consulting (Deloitte) and non-profit sector – Red Noses (Clowndoctors) – to provide my clients with tailor-made consulting that will bring the most tangible results. I have extensive experience in developing various strategies, teamwork, project management, and improving business processes in the following areas:​​


  • preparing strategic and operative plans
  • creating a wellbeing strategy
  • innovation management – a project of implementing the process of collecting ideas, evaluation and implementation of innovations in the company
  • evaluating business plans for small companies, associations, and start-ups


  • SOX compliance – changing internal processes in telecommunications to bring them in compliance with regulations ​


  • preparing business plans
  • introducing new solutions and modes of operation – e.g. Document Management System
  • organising tasks and workflow design
  • developing applications – e.g. insurance sales application, application for monitoring core business activities – defining requests, preparing the specification, monitoring and managing development
  • unifying client data – cross-functional, from redesign process of information input to cleaning the existing data and creating a new data storage model, operating procedure and data updating
  • documentation archiving project – designing operation process and rules
  • transferring to the new database – Salesforce and support process design
  • new web design and update process design
  • establishment and evaluation of KPIs


  • introducing e-learning solutions
  • developing strategy for improving team relations
  • training/education/coaching


  • introducing mobile work mode for insurance agents (new application, mobile office, support processes)
  • customer-centricity initiative – a series of changes in the processes for better service provided to clients


  • optimizing the payment methods – revision of the existing ones, implementing new payment methods and process design so preferred payment methods are used more often
  • introducing online payment – cards and Paysafecard
  • optimizing reporting and data compliance, accounting controls


  • web redesign
  • digital internet campaigns
  • sending newsletters
  • redesign of internal documents – standardizing the appearance and messages of all outgoing documents

You can find more about my experience and recommendations from my clients at Ivana Štulić LinkedIn profile or follow the link to the page about me.

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting


„I highly recommend Ivana as a trainer. She is truly a motivated trainer and inspiring professional. She is extremely positive and it's a pleasure working with her. Ivana conducted different trainings for us (Resilience, Wellbeing and Positive Psychology) in which she showed our employees different ways and tools that can help them in overcoming the challenges we face every day. She succeeds in transferring her positive energy and willingness to learn onto our employees even in an online environment.“
Nataša Odak, HR manager at dm-drogerie markt Croatia
I had a pleasure to participate on a workshop on the topic of Positive psychology held by Ivana. The workshop was really great, useful, full of real-life examples and all in all very interesting. Ivana is a great coach with a lot of experience and she definitely motivated me to think about the topic of positive psychology and to use it in everyday life. I highly recommend Ivana and her workshops to everyone.
Ana Marija Trojić, Human Resources, KAUFLAND
„Ivana held a workshop for a hi-tech company I lead. After a tough year with COVID- 19 and earthquakes in Zagreb, the people felt exhausted and stressed. We called Ivana to help, and she held a nice workshop where she presented a different way of thinking and a very practical set of tools positive psychology has to offer. She is a very positive and inspiring person herself and the team loved it. Mainly introverted and very smart and creative, they clicked with the story and started to use it in practice daily. Thanx Ivana, we're looking forward to the next one.“
Drago Cmuk, Chief Business Officer at CADCAM Group
„I highly recommend Ivana as a trainer and as a person. She is a true professional,highly motivated and very much driven by the passion for helping others. The training that she conducted for us was quite focused, practical and most importantly conferred many benefits to the participants. All aspects of her engagement were clearly defined and she did a great job in carrying out all her commitments towards our company. It was an immense pleasure working with her.“
Nikolina Škoc Treščec, HR, Erste Bank
„Attending Ivana's trainings and workshops "Resilience" and "Resilience for HR and leaders" was an inspiring experience. She manages to switch on my will to think and rethink which always opens my new internal windows. Her approach is concrete, business and human oriented and always seasoned with her positive energy and open communication.“,
Snježana Ljubić, HR partner & Business development
„I highly recommend Ivana as an excellent trainer and a coach. I attended her online workshops for management about wellbeing and they were more than successful. She motivated participants to actively take part, give their suggestions and ideas and implement her input on wellbeing into everyday routine. Her ways and methods of presenting are simple, comprehensible and filled with extremely positive and motivating energy, so that anyone can relate with. After each workshop where Ivana provided us with many useful examples and proven hints from other companies, our team was packed with ideas how to improve wellbeing of our employees and how to boost the employee experience. Thank you, Ivana, and we surely will continue cooperation with you.“ Sanda Berženji, Head of HR at Alca Zagreb
Sanda Berženji, Head of HR at Alca Zagreb
„Ivana is a very professional and competent trainer. She approaches every training subject with lots of enthusiasm. The ability to make the training interesting and to make participants active and involved is one of her best qualities. It is easy to work with Ivana since she is open for new ideas, and has a broad knowledge that she selflessly shares. She is cooperative, organised, reliable and client oriented. Ivana is certainly a trainer that you would like to work with.“,
Maja Mišić-Stjepanović, Human resources, Addiko Bank
„I had an opportunity to participate on several training programs conducted by Ivana and I was really impressed by her training skills, excellent preparation and ability to keep participant's attention and concentration through all day. Ivana is very confident, spontaneous lecturer, fully committed to the group with great ability to adjust content and methods to attendees. She has profound level of knowledge in communication skills programs which are suitable for various types of participants – from managers, sales people, administrative personnel to service support engineers. Ivana runs trainings in English and Croatian without any difference in verbal quality. Considering all mentioned, I fully recommend her as an excellent choice for educational programs in communication skills area.“,
Vlasta Carević, HR Business Partner, SPAN

"If you think you can or do you think you can't, in both cases, you're right."

Henry Ford

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting