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Learn how to overcome obstacles and use your strengths to your advantage. 

Coaching – Individual & team

To succeed, you need to have goals, you need to know how to achieve them, learn how to overcome obstacles, and use your strengths to your advantage. Coaching can help you answer the question “how?” and solve specific challenges appearing in daily business.

About Coaching

I offer business, executive and wellbeing coaching.

A special offer is public speaking coaching, especially for IT staff preparing for conferences and similar events, who would like to improve the quality of their presentation and the messages they wish to convey.

Team coaching is done with several people to help all sides find the best solution for the good of the group or a team. 

For example a team, division or a group, same level managers, management board, manager at the old position and the future manager replacing him or her, etc. 

In my work, I use high professional standards, prescribed by the Ethics Code of the EMCC, of which I am a signatory.

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Why Coaching?


Coaching is the most effective way of advancing, both at a personal and professional level.

You have at your disposal my extensive experience in working with clients for the past eight years as well as my credentials:

– MSc in Applied positive psychology
– EMCC Global EIA Senior Practitioner Accreditation
– Diploma in Corporate Wellbeing Coaching
– Certified NLP Business & Manager Coach
– EMCC Senior Practitioner (in the process of accreditation) 
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Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Other Information


In my work, I follow the EMCC’s The Global Code of Ethics, of which I am a signatory. I am a member of EMCC and the Croatian Coaching Association’s Board. 

If you have decided to start with coaching, congratulations! It will be an important investment in your personal development. 🙂

​To prepare myself better for your session, before we start working together, please fill in this questionnaire.

I am looking forward to working with you. 🙂

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting
Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting


Coaching with Ivana’s guidance was truly one of the best decisions and investments in my development. The entire process was planned carefully and in detail. Ivana is very professional and experienced, but also simple, friendly and easy to talk to, and I highly recommend her to everyone who wishes to work on their personal development (both professionally and personally), who wish to learn how to lead their team better. During the coaching sessions with Ivana, I opened up to her completely, not holding back, as if I have known her for a long, long time..., She helped me see what I was doing wrong, what I had to work on to improve myself in that field, how to struggle less in achieving the set goals i.e. tasks, and again, to achieve them with superb quality and success. I received support from Ivana in various segments of my life and career. She made me think about my actions, what was it that I thought I should have done differently, how I should have acted differently.
Working with Ivana was extremely constructive and useful. Through subtle guidance, she navigated me to set up a clear goal for myself and my future, and by gradually asking questions she lead me to build clear plans of how to realise that in phases. In my case, it referred to creating a new workspace. The sessions motivated me a lot and gave me clarity in action. I managed to realise that plan. Her support helped me realise it and inspired me.
Ivana leads a coaching conversation with a client with an ability to listen, maintain focus, and have confidence through the process of identifying patterns that lead us to the point where we have found ourselves. Then she navigates us to find the solution and the following steps to take so the change may follow. I am grateful for the insights gained and her encouragement to take further action. I am looking forward to my next session with Ivana.
Working with a coach, Ivana Štulić, was full of insights, support, patience and faith. It was exactly what I needed to break away from routine and self-doubt, and step into active living. I would definitely recommend coaching
Working with Ivana was pleasant and useful. Ivana is an excellent coach. She does not impose her opinion but guides me to realize my inadequacies on my own and find a solution. Working with Ivana brought me happier and more joyful days. Thank you.
During the first session, Ivana already helped me resolve several issues that bothered me. I got the space to express myself, to say how I felt. I was looking for some answers, and she helped me understand and see the solutions. I like a lot that she combines different knowledge in her approach and she found a specific way to get rid of my negative emotions on the spot. We completed the entire session with an exercise that gave me a sense of stability, and I saw things with a more mature and beautiful perspective, which I still have. I am happy that she was the one I contacted when I needed support. Thank you, Ivana!
I would recommend Ivana to everyone who wants to make a change in their lives, make an improvement or resolve an issue and they need someone to help them in the process. Ivana is like a good friend whose comment you know you can trust and who will help you see things constructively, understand the situation and resolve it. She is always smiling and positive, very kind and ready to listen and talk. After each coaching session, I felt relieved and full of positive energy. What I liked the most is her approach in which she uses various types of knowledge and methods so the coaching session would be most effective. Honest praise and recommendations from the bottom of my heart!
Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Training & Courses

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Business Consulting

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting

Speaking & Writing

"Don't aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."

David Frost

Ivana Štulić | Positive Psychology, Coaching, Training, Consulting